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How it works

(In the most condensed way possible)

Tried, Tested & Proven Digital Strategy

We have tried and tested methods ready for quick deployment. Our tried and tested strategies have resulted in hundreds of thousands of extra revenue for practices. We customize a solution for your based on our tested and proven methods. 

All In One Patient Management

It's usually very difficult & cumbersome to manage advetising efforts especially from multiple sources at one. Pin Point Growth supplies all of our practitioners with our cutting edge technology. Our Software will revolutionize the way you track marketing efforts and increase your closing rates.  Some features help with the following:

  • Visual Simple Lead Management
  • Online Booking
  • Increased Google Reviews
  • SMS Communication With Leads

Scaling & Training 

Our Patient Generating system has all the trainings you need for your business to suceed. We train your staff how to use our system and we set it all up for you! 

We're essentially giving you the machine and all you need to do is drive it (so to speak)

Fast Results

Many of our clients get a full return on investment very quickly. Infact 90% of practices we work with get immediate results within the first week of working with us due to our quick re-activation strategies.

Create Extra Revenue Almost Immediately For Your Practice

Case Studies & Success Stories

Al Romaine - "Over night the practice started growing & within 4 weeks we'd done $20,000"

Niche: Acupuncture
Result: Over $20k in 4 weeks

Al Romaine is a health professional in Maryland USA. Al Romaine was a successful business owner who was also an Acupuncturist. He was extremely passionate about helping people get better. Al had amazing health services and is very good at what he does so getting patient results was never a problem. Al had tried advertising in the paper etc for acupuncture but nothing really brang him the results he needed or the type of patient he was truly looking for. He was also located in a semi-rural area making marketing efforts even more difficult.

We implemented the processes and systems that we have inside of our program and things went absolutely crazy. 

The Process:
Set up the marketing channels needed and have a system where he could manage in-bound patient leads. Al had a great sales process but couldn't get patients interested in what he was doing. We also made sure he had a great front end and back end to geet patients initially interested and then a good program to offer them once they were in and he knew their desired issues. We were able to go after his exact demographic and so he was able to get is ideal patient in. We started the advertising and saw immediate impact.

The Results:
Al saw an immediate boost in revenue and new patient opportunities. He was able to sell over $20k worth of services to people that desperately needed his help. He not only saw great increases in business but most importantly he was able to help and impact more people than he could before. 

Dr Romaine- "Within 2 Months We'd Done over $20,000."

Niche: Dental
Result: Overwhelmed with people interested in their dental services.

Dr Diane is an incredibly recognized dentist in Maryland. Their practices were well established within the community but were always looking for more opportunity. 

The Process:
Dr Diane was running local news paper ads, tv ads & had a great standing within her community for being an amazing dentist. But TV ads & traditional marketing methods are very costly. We setup the ads and within the first week they were completely blown away from the results infact they turned off the lead flow at one point. 

The Results:
Amazing results with many new patients. By spreading her message and interacting with her community with an awesome digital ad they were able to get even more new patients but more important they were able to help alot of people feel amazing and confident about their smiles and dental health!

Sharon T - "It's like a literal money printing machine "

Niche: Aesthetics / Medspa
Result: Over 10k From 2 Strategies within a month & can't keep up with demand & new clients

Sharon is a beauty business owner in the United Kingdom. She needed a way to get new clients in the doors of her business that was effective and cost effective. We implemented our proven processes & client generating system and the results were there very quickly.

The Process:
To set up our proven blueprint and lead capture points. After optimizing a few key processes and giving sharon our client closing software we re-activated her intial database. We strive to get a fast ROI so we helped her re-activate her client base. Normally sharon would only get a few people (like many business owners do) when they re-activate their lists. We got over 30 people wanting to come back into the business. 

We then set up our proven advertising strategies to advertise to brand new clients that otherwise hadn't heard of sharons business or been existing clients. This is the key to growing a business fast and then snowballing it into more referrals & word of mouth. 

The Results:
Sharon did over 10k USD from just our initial advertisements and strategy. Now she has the ability to get new patients whenever she desires from our program. The ability to essential turn a switch on or off when she wants to grow her business. Unlike most business owners she now has a tried and tested system to get new clients. Most businesses need to rely on word of mouth or referrals to grow their business. 

Cole & Sapphire - "We started runnings ads and saw an immediate effect. In the first 2-3 months we spent a total of about  $1300 on ads and we made around $20,000 in additional revenue. So the ROI was not like anything we've experienced in our small business before"

Dr. Lisa Williams - "We've worked with other agencies in the past but there was always this reliance. The team at pin point took the mysteriousness out of advertising & follow up. We've not only systemised frm a marketing aspect but saved money in overheads. We've really enjoyed working with them & have had a huge return on invesment"

Dannielle Body Refinery - "Working with Stephen has been fantastic! We spent about $4000 on an ads have had a ROI 10 times that"

Joslynn A - "$7000 from the first strategy & another $7000 from just the first ad." Joslynn relied on word of mouth marketing but now has a steady stream of brand new patients and was able to make a new hire. 

Vivvy C - "Over the last 3 months we've increased turnover by 10k GBP. We got over 300 leads for just 1 ad which is very important for what I do"

Sherlynn- "I went from 20 patients a month to 20 patients a week! "

Phil J - "Stephen helped with our Facebook Campaigns and more than doubled our existing opt in rates! We now recommend him to our own clients and they get amazing results too"

Tim N - "I've worked with a few marketers and lost alot of money. Stephen's the only one i've worked with where i've achieved my goals"

Jamie W - "Stephen helped me get to the first page of Google and with my marketing. He definitely knows the acupuncture profession "

Gen - "Helped with promotion with one of our treatments, it exceeded our expectations! Literally 15 minutes after placing adverts we had our first client & got more customers for more than just the one service we promoted"

Joe C - "When the pandemic hit I saw maybe one patient a month but after getting your program I saw 10 patients within the first week. Now I'm at the full capicity of my schedule."

 And there's more...