Al Romaine - $0 - $20k in 4 weeks

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Patient Generation

Niche: Acupuncture
Result: Over $20k in 4 weeks

Al Romaine is a health professional in Maryland USA. Al Romaine was a successful business owner who was also an Acupuncturist. He was extremely passionate about helping people get better. Al had amazing health services and is very good at what he does so getting patient results was never a problem. Al had tried advertising in the paper etc for acupuncture but nothing really brang him the results he needed or the type of patient he was truly looking for. He was also located in a semi-rural area making marketing efforts even more difficult.

We implemented the processes and systems that we have inside of our program and things went absolutely crazy. 

The Process:
Set up the marketing channels needed and have a system where he could manage in-bound patient leads. Al had a great sales process but couldn't get patients interested in what he was doing. We also made sure he had a great front end and back end to geet patients initially interested and then a good program to offer them once they were in and he knew their desired issues. We were able to go after his exact demographic and so he was able to get is ideal patient in. We started the advertising and saw immediate impact.

The Results:
Al saw an immediate boost in revenue and new patient opportunities. He was able to sell over $20k worth of services to people that desperately needed his help. He not only saw great increases in business but most importantly he was able to help and impact more people than he could before.