Cole & Sapphire - 20:1 Return in less than 3 motnhs

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Lead Generation

Niche: Pest Control
Result: 20:1 Return in only a couple of months & a new way to get new customers predictable and consistently. Proof no matter the industry our program gets results

Cole and Sapphire are a husband and wife team out of Tauranga NewZealand. They own a pest control business and are family friends of Stephens Father. They needed a way to get new customers predictable and consistently. They had tried allsorts with not much success & alot of fustration.

The Process:
Create an offer to entice customers to use their service and show interest. We helped them setup the strategies inside of pin point growths accelerator program. The software for lead tracking and follow up and all the other things we recommend. 

The Results:
They saw an immediate effect in new business. The Ad they put up got alot of organic engagement also with a whole heap enquries. Over the next couple of months they would invest a sum of $1300 into the paid advertisments had X20 ROI. IT was unlike anything they had seen before. 

Now they have a way to educate & increase their brand awareness via digital ads but more importantly get continued business and new business from the system they setup. 

This goes to show that no matter the indsutry A: our program can help you but B: once you have the strategies and skillset that our program helps provide you can set up a system to get new customers NO MATTER THE INDUSTRY