Dr. LIsa - Saving $20k - $35k per Year & Huge ROI

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Patient Generation

Niche: Chiropractic
Result: Saving thousands a year on agency fee's, better results than the agency, patient acquistion cost slashed & huge roi. 

The Process:
Dr. Lisa & her amazing practice were paying an arm and a leg for an agency to market their practice every month. This takes away from your practices profit margins and doing this for yourself is actually alot easier than most people think! We trained Dr.Lisa's team on how to run and operate their own ads. We gave them all of our secret processes & softwares. Dr.Lisa was able to reduce her lead cost significantly thus resulting in a lot lower patient acquisition cost! What does this mean? More patients for less. 

That wasn't all. They had cut the cost of the marketing agency saving them around $20 - $35k per year. We were able to take the mystery out of marketing for Dr.Lisa & her team. 

The Results:
Dr.Lisa saw better cost per leads for her advertising, a decrease in patient acquisition cost & she made a huge ROI. The best part is perhaps not needing to pay a marketing agency thousands a month to do something you can do in your own practice. 

They know have the ability to run new ads whenever they want. 

The best part: It doesn't even take that long to monitor and create ads.