Dr Romaine - We'd done over $20,000 in 2 motnhs

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Patient Generation

Niche: Dental
Result: Overwhelmed with people interested in their dental services.

Dr Diane is an incredibly recognized dentist in Maryland. Their practices were well established within the community but were always looking for more opportunity. 

The Process:
Dr Diane was running local news paper ads, tv ads & had a great standing within her community for being an amazing dentist. But TV ads & traditional marketing methods are very costly. We setup the ads and within the first week they were completely blown away from the results infact they turned off the lead flow at one point. 

The Results:
Amazing results with many new patients. By spreading her message and interacting with her community with an awesome digital ad they were able to get even more new patients but more important they were able to help alot of people feel amazing and confident about their smiles and dental health!