Joslynn Adams - $14,000 Within 2 months & steady stream of new patients

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Patient Generation

Niche: Acupuncture
Results: $7000 from our re-activation strategy + Another $7000 from just the first ad. 

Joslynn is an Acupuncturist outside of Chicago & wanted a way to consistently and predictably grow her practice. She depended on word of mouth as the source of most of her new patients. Like most businesses she wanted to grow but wasn't exactly sure the best way to do this. She joined Pin Point Growth and the results have been immence.  

The Process:
Joslynn needed a way to get new patients. So we set her up inside of the pin point growth program and got to work with her straight away. We set up a system that allowed her to increase her patient lifetime value and also get a massive injection of cash flow. We then set up our tried and tested patient getting formulae and the results started flowing in. 

The Results:
Joslynn saw a $7000 cash injection from the first strategy we implemented. The results were immediate. She made a full ROI on our program within a week & increased her patient life time value. She then got another $7000 from the very first ad that was setup. 

Joslynn was also able to grow her practice and make a new hire. She now has the system that will grow her practice on her own terms and grow quickly and efficiently.

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