Sharon - Its a Literal Money printing machine

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Patient Generation

Niche: Aesthetics / Medspa
Result: Over 10k From 2 Strategies within a month & can't keep up with demand & new clients

Sharon is a beauty business owner in the United Kingdom. She needed a way to get new clients in the doors of her business that was effective and cost effective. We implemented our proven processes & client generating system and the results were there very quickly.

The Process:
To set up our proven blueprint and lead capture points. After optimizing a few key processes and giving sharon our client closing software we re-activated her intial database. We strive to get a fast ROI so we helped her re-activate her client base. Normally sharon would only get a few people (like many business owners do) when they re-activate their lists. We got over 30 people wanting to come back into the business. 

We then set up our proven advertising strategies to advertise to brand new clients that otherwise hadn't heard of sharons business or been existing clients. This is the key to growing a business fast and then snowballing it into more referrals & word of mouth. 

The Results:
Sharon did over 10k USD from just our initial advertisements and strategy. Now she has the ability to get new patients whenever she desires from our program. The ability to essential turn a switch on or off when she wants to grow her business. Unlike most business owners she now has a tried and tested system to get new clients. Most businesses need to rely on word of mouth or referrals to grow their business. 

Do you want a tried and tested system implemented into your business so you can generate clients on your terms and not need to rely on an expensive marketing agency costing thousands a month in retainer fees?