Vivvy C - £10,000 in extra revenue & over 300 leads

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Patient Generation

Niche: Medical Spa
Result:  £10,000 IN EXTRA REVENUE & OVER 300 LEADS + Improving sales process

Vivvy Chan and her business partner own a Aesthetics clinic outside of Manchester UK. They offer a wide range of beauty and aesthetic treatments. They owned a successful business but needed a way to get more people interested into their services but also have a more concrete sales process/system

The Process:
We worked with Vivvy 1:1 inside of our program. Before running ads or even turning on ads we helped Vivvy strengthen her back end process & packages but also the sales process. We provided her with our sales training that has almost impact on most practitioners that use this. In combination with our pin point software that helped her manage exisiting customers and all in-bound new customers. 

The Results:
Over 300 leads from a single ad. They had a massive volume of new people interested a system to filter through and manage their leads. Now armed with a strong and always improving sales strategy they were able to add over  £10,000 pounds in revenue. Now Vivvy has a predictable and new way to get new customers for her business for ALL of her services and offerings without needing to spend an absolute fortune in monthly retainers.